I believe in a shared vision. My process begins with establishing what you want to accomplish and how you want to feel after doing it. A shared understanding of our purpose will anchor us through the project.

I believe in working with intention. After carefully scoping the project, I build a plan. The activities are framed to test assumptions and spark curiosity. The process is sequenced to move from surface consideration to deep engagement. The experience is constructed to set a rhythm and mood.

I believe that every team has the wisdom and creativity to move toward collective action. As a facilitator, I are responsible for guiding you through the project by pushing for deeper insight, holding groups through hard conversations, and fostering collaboration and engagement.

I believe having a plan, but understand that mid-course tweaks are sometimes necessary and check in frequently to ensure the established aims are still appropriate and feasible. I am not afraid to design on the fly and strive for the most effective and efficient use of attention and energy.

After working with LARC, you will walk away with shared understanding, actionable next steps, and collective energy and commitment to make ideas happen.

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